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What is the „Burg“?

The „Pfadfinderburg“ (‘Scout-Castle’) in Berlin-Tegel is a meeting place for many scoutgroups from „Gau Wartburg“, which is part of the DPB („Deutscher Pfadfinderbund“).

It is not a youth hostel. Our group sessions take place here throughout the whole year. On some days there are up to five groups meeting in different rooms at the same time. Often we also meet on weekends and during holidays.

We gladly offer our „Pfadfinderburg“ to scouts for self-catering accommodation. However, our groups should not be retrench too much. More details can best be discussed personally. More Information >>

Our contact person is called „Burgvogt“ (‘Castellan’). He is working voluntarily and takes care of our room’s assignments, maintenance and reconstructions of the building.

Our legal representative is the charitable association “Pfadfinderheim Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.”.