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Our house is self-supported. All work is done by our groups voluntarily.

Other scout groups are always welcome, but have to follow certain rules:

  • Damages: We want to give our guests the most possible liberties, but we expect of course, that they treat our furnishings and equipment with care. Damages have to be reported immediately. The domestic authority is carried out by the „Burgvogt“ (Castellan) or his deputies.
  • Cleaning: Our guests and groups have to look after the cleanliness of the house themselves. We cannot and don’t want to engage cleaning staff. Therefore it is comprehendible that with all the kids our house is not always as clean as e.g. a youth hostel. Cleaning agent is always available.
  • Inside the house slippers or thick socks should be used.

  • Dependence causing substances: In our Pfadfinderburg smoking is generally prohibited. Also alcohol is not well thought of, but we don’t forbid a bottle of wine. Nevertheless we take the law for the protection of the youth very seriously and expect that the consumption of alcoholic drinks will stay moderate.
  • Unfortunately, garbage cannot be completely avoided, but you can try to limit it to a minimum and separate your waste. For glass and plastic there are containers outside. There is also one for residual waste. When those containers are full, our guests have to take their garbage with them again when they leave, so please limit and separate your waste.
  • Keys: You will get the keys for a deposit (yes, unfortunately we made some bad experiences before). This way the groups can decide themselves at what time they want to go out and come back. The deposit is returned at your departure, when you leave the house according to the rules (cleaned, with no garbage lying around…)