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The „Green House“ was built in 1914, designed by Franz Hildebrand. It was an orphanage and approved school*. There used to be two parts of the house, one was the main building of the orphanage; today it is used as part of a high school. The second part used to be the residential building for the head of the school; today this building is the „Pfadfinderburg“.

In 1982 the DPB (Deutscher Pfadfinderbund) got the building for rent from the Federal State of Berlin. At first the house was extremely run-down – it had been empty for five years, with broken roof and windows. It took more than two years to conclude a contract, so we could finally start reconstructing and renovating.

Since 1985 it is possible to use all the rooms. Also the kitchen and washrooms are in good order.

Recently the washrooms have been renovated and there are showers now. Water heater and heating installation are almost updated to today’s standards as well.

All these improvements are achieved by the voluntary work of our members.

* Reference: „Die Wohlfahrtseinrichtungen in der Stadtgemeinde Berlin“ (Graubuch), 6th run, Berlin 1927, Rubrik Städtische Heime, p. 43 No. 240:
„Approved school “Grünes Haus”, Tegel, Hermsdorfer Str. 190**, F.: Tegel 107. admin.: Mr Adomeit (11-1). – accommodation of boys (psychopathic personalities and handicapped), who lack discipline and good care, school for children with learning difficulties.
Accommodates an average of 200 people. Apprentice-accommodation.“

** Name of the street from 1907 until 06.08.1937, today: „Waidmannsluster Damm“