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The Great Hall

Our Great Hall with its wooden ceiling with thick beams and six dragons’ heads copies the old hall of a castle. The coat of arms of our groups decorates the room.

There is place for up to 50 people in the Great Hall. Tables and chairs can also be put up inside.

The lights in the Great Hall are either 420 W halogen spot lights or indirect lighting from behind our coat of arms. It is also possible to darken the room during daytime in order to project a slide show onto the front wall.

The Bedding

We have three-story-communal bunks, accommodating about 30 people or more, if there are mainly cubs (kids).

You need to bring your sleeping bags. Your backpacks can be stowed in compartments below the benches. There are no wardrobes and it is not allowed to bring either shoes or food inside in order to protect the wood and carpet.

There is no separation for boys and girls, but you can ask for alternatives.

The Bathroom

After a modernization of the sanitary facilities in 2007 we now have three toilets, a urinal and three washing basins with warm water.

The same toilets are used by boys and girls.

First Floor

The Dining Hall

The dining hall is located in the 1st level, separates from the kitchen by a pass-through. You can eat here, but also work with a big blackboard, e.g. for training courses.

Connected to the dining hall there is a balcony.


tables and chairs for about 30 people

alternatively: a round table for about 25 people (only for special occasions and upon prior agreement)


The kitchen

It requires quite a large equipment to prepare food for a big group of people. The kitchen offers enough room and possibilities. There is also a small dinette, where 5-6 people can enjoy their meal.

The kitchen is equipped as follows:

canteen kitchen-gas stove with 4 gas flames and oven

normal gas stove with 4 flames and oven

canteen kitchen-sink


refrigerator with freezing compartment

coffee machine

water boiler

pots (2-60 liters)


cutlery, cups, glases, plates and bowls for at least 50 people

trays, chopping boards etc.


Parzival’s Parlour

Parzival’s Parlour is the room of Jungenschaft Parzival

The Shower 

Since 2006 there are three showers in the Pfadfinderburg.

The washing machine can be used upon prior agreement.

The Bailiwick (“Vogtei”)

The “Vogtei” is the office of the Pfadfinderburg. You can find a payphone here.