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Please note that we are not a regular acommodation facility and cannot be compared to youth hostels. You should know before your arrival what our Pfadfinderburg can offer them and what it can’t.


  • Bedding for about 30 people in communal bunks
  • Room for at least 60 people in other rooms, if they sleep on their camping mat and sleeping bag on the floor.
  • Three toilets, three washing basins, three communal showers.
  • Kitchen with possibility to cook for a great number of people
  • Garden for tents and campfires

Need to bring:

  • Sleeping bag, camping mat or bed sheets
  • Towel, Soap
  • Slippers
  • Food
  • Good behaviour

Guests are allowed to use the following rooms, if not in use by our own groups:

  • Bedding
  • Kitchen
  • Great Hall
  • Dining Hall
  • Bathroom

Upon prior agreement:

  • Telephone
  • tabletop football
  • Washing machine